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Clean Solar Inc. is the Bay Area’s leading solar installation company. Our professionally trained service team and competitive and cost-effective packages, combined with one-of-a-kind product and service offerings, make us the premier energy partner for meeting your commercial or residential solar power needs.

In the solar power industry, we serve residential, commercial, municipalities, and agriculture sectors. Our solar installation team installs solar power systems throughout the San Francisco Bay Area; including, San Jose, Milpitas, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, San Mateo, Fremont, Morgan Hill, and beyond.


Clean Solar follows a concise and thorough process in completing a solar panel installation. Our conscientious sales and installation team will work with you through the entire solar installation process, educating you, answering questions and keeping you informed in every aspect of your investment in photovoltaic solar energy.

Residential Installation

The most common of all solar installations is the roof mounted residential system. Clean Solar is well-versed in these systems installing residential roof-mounted systems daily. Our sales team will help you make a decision on the important needs of an entire solar system.

We'll walk you through the entire process from picking a solar panel, to size of system required, to the details of how (and where) the electrical will run from the system to your utility meter. Clean Solar does this in a professional and courteous manner. Our job is to give you all the information. We do not attempt to sway your opinion. Clean Solar feels that it is your home and you should make all the decisions with all the information we have to help you make those decisions.

Commercial Installation

As one of the top 10 installers in Northern California, Clean Solar is prepared to install small to medium size commercial systems. These systems range from 5kw to 250kw. Clean Solar will manage the entire process.

We handle all the paperwork and permitting required for the job and help educate you on all your options from solar panels, to inverters, to monitoring, racking, & mounting required for your commercial business. Let Clean Solar be your commercial subcontractor. Our team of professionals can install your owner or PPA-Driven systems. We can act as your PV installer only or handle the full electrical job. Give Clean Solar a call today.

Ground Mount Installation

Ground mounted systems are a unique and specialized style of solar system. Costs are typically 10 to 25% higher than normal roof mounted installations however in many cases, this maybe the best solution for your situation. Clean Solar will come to your location, survey the property, and present you with a quote for the ground mounted system that is all-inclusive.

We will manage all the drilling, trenching (we'll need to determine if we can do all this with machines or hand dig them), and installation. After drilling, Clean solar will assemble the racking system- place in the holes and pour concrete needed to secure the system. Once the panels are placed on the racking system we will have to string the electrical for the system (usually buried in trenches) to the point of the utility box.

A ground mounted system usually means much more planning and forward thinking than a traditional solar system-this is where Clean Solar shines. Clean Solar, with its team of drillers and engineers, will manage the entire process with and for you.

Free Solar Financing

With Free Solar Financing, Clean Solar can offer you any type of financing for any type of budget.

Leases, power purchase agreements (PPA's), loans, home equity loans, and more - Clean Solar is at the cutting edge of all the great financing options today. Clean Solar is dispelling the myth that solar is expensive. We have many options that allow you to go solar with no money down.

Leases and PPA's

Clean Solar has two programs to help you finance your system via a lease or PPA. We are a key installer of products from such top-rated manufacturers as Sunpower and Suntech. Through these companies, Clean Solar can now offer the best leasing products on the market. A lease-to-own option is now available.

Loans and Home Equity Loans

Clean Solar is one of the only companies offering no money down, UNSECURED loan products. Clean Solar clients can use a home equity line to get the best rates. If you have no equity in your home or do not wish to utilize it, our very popular solar loan product will get you a lower energy bill tomorrow with no money down.


Clean Solar believes that long term relationships are the cornerstone of our business and we work hard to exceed our customer's expectations. We go to great lengths to prevent problems from occurring with your solar power system; however, in the case that any issues do arise, we offer the longest full warranty in the industry 15 years on workmanship and installation! In addition, our manufacturers offer the industry standard 25 year solar panel warranty.

Clean Solar Certifications/Awards

  • Highest rated solar installer on Yelp - 5 stars (highest rating)
  • Best of the Bay Television award for Northern California
  • "A" rated Better Business Bureau
  • Top 10 installer - Prime Buyers Report

Contact Clean Solar

1445 Koll Circle, Suite 109
San Jose  CA 95112

Office: 408-217-8876
Toll Free: 888-551-7652
Fax: 408-216-9578

CA Contractor License #910849

Clean Solar in the News

Clean Solar has been Selected as a SunPower Authorized Dealer

Fri, 03/18/2011 - 06:00 PM

Clean Solar, Inc. announced that it has been selected as a SunPower Authorized Dealer by SunPower Corp., a manufacturer of high-efficiency solar cells, solar panels, and solar systems.

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