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A Solar Energy Company serving Maryland, Washington DC, and surrounding areas with Solar Energy installation. We offer residential solar and commercial solar services. Leo Sunergy provides Easy Affordable Solar.

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The American energy landscape is changing and you are fortunate enough to live in this transitional time. You will see more and more roofs with PV panels as an increasing number of homeowners convert to solar energy. Whether you want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, make a statement about your green philosophy or even if you just want to live off-grid, Leo Sunergy makes it easy for you to make the switch. Our world class customer service provides you one point of contact and turnkey services from designing and financing to installing, monitoring and maintaining a solar PV system for your home. One phone call is all it takes. Leo Sunergy makes it EASY.

You may already know that many states, counties, cities and utilities have set up programs to encourage people to switch to solar power. These are in addition to the 30% income tax credit available from the federal government. Leo Sunergy will work through the myriad government policies and regulations to identify and help to file for all the benefits that your particular system qualifies for. All combined, you may be able to offset more than 50% of the cost of your system! Leo Sunergy makes it AFFORDABLE.


Be green to make green. This is the best time to switch to solar energy because consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious and willing to invest in eco-friendly products and services. You can jump in the game by calling Leo Sunergy and letting our knowledgeable and experienced team design, install, monitor and maintain a PV system for your business.

Research shows that midsized businesses with electricity requirements between 150kW and 2,000kW stand to gain the most from conversion to solar power. The government offers the highest rebates and credits for this size of commercial solar power systems. We at Leo Sunergy offer a full range of alternative energy options to business owners, with our offerings focused on photovoltaic systems and concentrated solar power systems. However, we also provide solutions based on wind power and biofuels if requested.

Our team's extensive experience in multi-million dollar commercial project management puts Leo Sunergy in a different league - most of our competitors' main experience is limited to residential and small scale projects. Keep in mind that converting a mid-sized facility to solar is not the same as putting a 5kW system on the roof of a house. All solar companies are not created equally - choose carefully!

If you do nothing else, please explore the rebates, credits and subsidies available to your business for alternative energy installations. Your business can save money while doing its part to reduce this country's reliance on nonrenewable fuel sources.

Rebates and Tax Credits

Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit

Amount: 30% of equipment and eligible labor costs. If your tax liability is less than the amount of the credit, you can carry the unused portion forward each year until you have received the full amount.

How: File IRS Form 5695 with your regular taxes.

District of Columbia

Solar Photovoltaic Incentive Program

Amount: $3/watt for the first 3,000 watts of capacity, $2/watt for the next 7,000 watts installed, $1/watt for the next 10,000 watts. Capped at $33,000, which is equivalent to 20kW of capacity.

How: Complete a prequalification application before beginning your installation, available at,a,1244,q,461667.asp . Use the reservation number from this process to submit the full program application, if funding is still available (number is held for 12 months if funding has run out). The full application can be found at .


Delaware Electric Cooperative Renewable Resource Program

Amount: Grants are dependent on which energy supplier you use.

How: Ask your utility provider if they offer this program, and choose a participating contractor. Instructions are available at:


Maryland Solar Energy Grant Program

Amount: $1.25/watt for first 2 kilowatts, $0.50/watt for the next 8 kilowatts ($10,000 max.) For solar hot water, 30% of the installed cost ($2,000 max.).
How: Submit an application package as outlined here-
County For all county programs, please be advised that funding tends to be limited and subject to wait lists. Be aware, but not deterred! Your project will eventually be funded, but it could take up to 5 tax cycles in some counties.

Anne Arundel

Property Tax Credit

Amount: Equal to 50% of the net cost of the system (cost minus any federal/state credits), up to the value of the property taxes owed on the residence for one year ($2,500 max.).

How: Application must be filed on or before June 1st of the year immediately preceding the year for which the credit is sought.  Application is available at:


Solar Energy Property Tax Credit

Amount: A maximum of $2,500 against the cost of materials and installation is applied against one year of property taxes. Limited funding, available first-come first-served.

How: Contact the Office of the Treasurer for an application form, at 410.638.3326. Application must be filed by October 1st immediately prior to the taxable year for which the tax credit is sought. If funding runs out, you may be placed in a queue to have your application carried over year-to-year until funding is available.


Property Tax Credit

Amount: 50% of total system cost up to $5,000 for photovoltaic or to $1,500 for solar hot water. Credit cannot exceed the resident’s property tax owed, and remaining credit can be carried over for two years. Funding is limited and available first-come first-served.

How: Submit an application on or before April 1st prior to the taxable year for which the credit is sought.

Application is available at:


Residential Energy Conservation Property Tax Credits

Amount: $5,000 for photovoltaic OR $1,500 for solar hot water. If you install both in the same 12-month period, take the larger PV credit. Funding is available first-come first-serve, and does run out.

How: Application pdf available at

Prince George’s

Energy Conservation Real Property Tax Credit

Amount: 50% of system and reasonable installation costs, up to $5,000 for photovoltaic or $1,500 for solar hot water systems. Funding is available first-come first-served and applications will be carried over year to year in the order they have been received if applications outstrip annual funding.

How: Call the Prince George’s County Office of Finance at (301) 952-4030 to apply for the credit.


Pennsylvania Sunshine Solar Rebate Program

Amount: $1.75/watt of DC power, up to the lesser of $17,500 or 35% of installed costs. 1kW minimum. Program is fully funded and accepting applications.

How: View application materials here- . The application must be completed by your installer

New Jersey

Renewable Energy Incentive Program (REIP)

Amount: Now closed due to unprecedented number of applications, but may be re-funded. Systems up to 10,000 watts receive $1.35/watt. On new construction, $0.80/watt. Up to $5,625 max.

How: Apply through New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program at .

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive (REMI)

Amount: $0.25/watt up to $2,500 for panels, $0.15/watt up to $1,500 for inverters, and $0.15/watt up to $1,500 for racking systems if these components were manufactured in New Jersey.

How: Apply for the REIP program outlined above. There are no standalone applications for REMI.


Local Option Property Tax Exemption

Amount: Equipment is exempt from property taxes in these counties and cities- Albemarle, Alexandria, Charlottesville, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Fairfax, Falls Church, Hampton, Hanover, Henrico, Isle of Wight, King and Queen, Loudoun, Lynchburg, Prince William, Pulaski, Richlands, Roanoke, Spotsylvania, Warren and Wise.

How: Contact Ken Jurman, of the Virginia Division of Energy, at (804) 692-3218.

Leo Sunergy Contracting Services

The contracting group at Leo Sunergy brings extensive nationwide experience in contracting and development. Our management team has over 65 years of combined experience in industrial engineering, metallurgical engineering, material science, civil engineering, real estate development and project management.

We have done it all - from conducting feasibility studies and proposal writing to designing, engineering, bidding, job costing, scheduling and managing projects. However, and most importantly, it is our specialty and capability to execute projects anywhere that sets us apart.

Leo Sunergy holds a class A "No Limit" general contractor license with a special designation of builder and alternative energy contractor. Our contracting group bids on commercial, institutional, government and defense projects throughout the US.

We are committed to quality, safety and the philosophy of continuous improvement. We measure our successes and that of our projects' against targets of cost, quality and continuous improvements. We can customize our approach for any individual project or client need.

Leo Sunergy International

The very inception of Leo Sunergy was enshrined in a global vision and Leo Sunergy was born as a citizen of one world. Our management is committed to making renewable energy available and affordable to each and every one.

From government or non-governmental organization (NGO) sponsored projects to utility scale solar power plants, from wind farms to powering a tube well at a farm, from lighting up a school to powering an operation theater in a hospital, from solar street lights to solar homes and solar hot water; we have the solutions.

We have the ability to provide business case proposal writing, designing, engineering, feasibility studies, project management and actual project execution in various parts of the world including Asia, Africa, South America, Canada and the Middle East. Leo Sunergy has the capacity to build local teams and infrastructure essential for successful completion of international projects. Leo Sunergy coordinates such projects with government and multilateral agencies like USAID, The World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other United Nations and NGO affiliates.

Leo Sunergy Certifications/Awards

  • Class A no limit General Contractor
  • Member SEIA
  • Member Rockville Chamber of Commerce
  • Licensed in states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and District of Columbia
  • Holder of 2 US patents

Contact Leo Sunergy Corporation

15736 Crabbs Branch Way
Derwood, MD 20855
License Number: 70105593
Phone: 877-536-7860

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