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Posted on Thu, 10/18/2012 - 10:15 PM by Bryan Nisperos
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I’m sure you have heard about the unique benefits commercial businesses receive by going solar. As a reader, have you ever wondered which businesses have made the commitment to a solar installation?

One real-life example might be closer than you think. In fact, the next time you visit your local grocery store, you can find them on the shelf in the all-natural and organic section. With over 200 personal care products in more than 19 different countries, Kiss My Face is now more natural than ever. They proudly went solar and drastically reduced their overhead costs as well as their carbon footprint.

Kiss My Face, headquartered in the Hudson Valley, became greener than ever with the installation of a solar system in December 2009. As of July 2012, the system has produced over 178,921 watts. The installation was sized to cover 61% of the building’s electrical usage, but ended up producing approximately 110% annually, saving the company more money than expected.

Recently, Hudson Solar sat down with CEO, Steve Byckiewicz, and Project Manager, Naomi Aubain, to see why Kiss My Face made the change to solar.

An instrumental part of Kiss My Face going solar was Aubain, who is a huge proponent of solar power.  Aubain became aware of solar after a contractor mentioned the idea during a planned warehouse relocation. Soon after, she approached the owners of Kiss My Face with the idea to go solar and they were just as enthusiastic.  It took the company one year from concept to commitment.

“Going solar just seemed like a great thing we could do for the environment, and also leading by example and setting new industry standards, there was really no downside to it. Once we had the financials in place it seemed like the right thing to do and we were happy to do it,” said Aubain.

Kiss My Face not only talks the talk with its 100% all- natural and organic ingredients, but walks the walk by turning to renewable energy to power their headquarters.

“It was no surprise that Kiss My Face was an early adopter of solar”, said Byckiewicz. “Going solar was easy because of the values we have as a company. It’s only natural to be reflected in our company and it’s what our customers think we should be doing. Going solar fits very well into the deep set of values this company has and shares with its customers.”

Byckiewicz highly recommends solar to all businesses because of the financial attractiveness. “It just makes sense,” he stated.

The new trend for businesses to go solar is not only because of what they “give back” environmentally, but for what they “get back” financially.  Solar electric projects can be one of the sturdiest financial investments any business can make for three reasons. First, solar has an attractive return on investment by maximizing the net present value of a business, improving the internal rate of return and frequently providing a rapid payback period. Second, a business receives benefits in the form of government incentives for going solar such as a 30% federal tax credit, state rebates and added tax savings though depreciation. Third, a business can eliminate their cost volatility by going solar since the cost of electricity has increased annually by more than 5% for the last 40 years.

Besides the financial rewards, what company today isn’t trying to be more sustainable and portray that image to the public? Customers now care more about companies being ecofriendly than ever before. Solar can differentiate businesses, both financially and environmentally. Going green gives businesses a competitive advantage in the marketplace and shows their consumers they are environmentally responsible, and care about the people and communities they serve. Solar also gives every company who installs a system a patriotic image by promoting America’s energy independence and helping to reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.

Hudson Solar, the author of this article, is a New York-owned, family business that prides itself on offering the best quality and service, backed by years of experience.  For more information, please call (866) 452-7652 or visit us at

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