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Solar Plus provides an unprecedented value to our customers by offering all available renewable energy solutions through custom designed systems utilizing consultative approach that takes into consideration all available resources relative geographic conditions, site feasibility and most importantly, the goals and preferences of our valued customers. To be the ambassadors of the global energy policy transition from dependency on burning fossil fuels to sustain ability through implementation of all available renewable energy systems.

For six years, Solar Plus has specialized in the design, installation, and maintenance of turnkey, co-created solar power systems that meet each specific clients needs. At every juncture of the "Going Green" process, we offer our clients personalized service that focuses on their unique energy profile.

Solar Plus' goal is to provide a customized solar system that exceeds expectations in:

  • all aspects of environmental benefits
  • financial savings
  • aesthetic appeal

The company supports every stage of the process, from navigating municipal requirements, to the installation of efficient, aesthetically pleasing solar technologies, to on-going maintenance and service.

Our job is to guide customers through the "Going Green" process, making the transition to solar simple and seemingly effortless. Whether a solar project requirement is measured in kilowatts or megawatts, Solar Plus is ready and waiting to be of service.

Our passion for solar stems from our desire to live green and reduce our daily impact on the environment. We are committed to practicing what we preach.

Solar Plus provides a solution to the environmental issues and geopolitical conflicts that arise as part of our dependence on non-renewable energy. We look forward to helping all customers with a personalized, solar energy solution! Going Green has never been easier!

Solar Power

There are Great Reasons to Consider Solar Electricity Is a Solar Power System Right for Your Home?

Take control and declare your energy independence by going solar. You no longer have to rent electricity and pay rates that are uncontrollable and ever-increasing. With solar, you will own the electricity and only pay for the excess you use from the grid.

Your electric bill is priced in "Tiers." After you use your baseline allocation each month, the price goes way up. The baseline is regulated and price increases in the baseline are rare and small. With solar, you can get your grid power usage down to baseline and be secure in knowing your power costs will be small and predictable.

Power your lifestyle with a solar electric power system and clean energy from the sun as your power source.

Solar Plus has designed and installed over 4.5 million watts of high quality solar projects. We are here to help make your transition to solar power an easy one.

Roughly 40% of your solar power system cost is paid for through state and federal incentives. In some areas, the incentives for solar power are even higher.

The state solar incentive program is a rebate that is paid approximately 4 - 6 weeks after the system is switched on. The current rebate level is called STEP 6 for SDG&E and it is $1.10 per AC Watt. For SCE customers, the current rebate level is called STEP 4 and it is $1.90 per AC Watt.

The funds for each step have been allocated and when all the funds of a STEP are paid out, the rebate amount of the next level STEP is lower.

Solar Hot Water

Meet 70% of Your Hot Water Needs with Solar Energy Household Uses... Showers, Baths, Dishes & Laundry

Reliable Solar Hot Water systems reduce your energy use, providing independence from traditional heating sources. A solar hot water production system can provide enough energy to meet 70% of your hot water needs, even in cold climates.

In addition to saving you money, solar water heating is a renewable and sustainable energy alternative to burning fossil fuels. This greatly reduces our daily impact on the environment.

Solar hot water heating works with every type of hot water system:

  • Electric
  • Propane
  • Natural gas
  • Tankless water heaters

Solar Plus works with customers to evaluate, address and simplify solar hot water needs. We offer every aspect of the going green process including:

  • engineering
  • design
  • project management
  • financing services

Solar Plus makes your investment in solar hot water heating a simple process. 

Solar Pool Heating

Heat Your Pool Year-Round with Free, Abundant Energy. Extend Your Family’s Swimming Season & Reduce Costs!

A solar pool heater allows you to extend your family's swimming season and gives you more control over your swimming pool's water temperature. Enjoy your pool at warm and luxurious temperatures by heating it with renewable, sustainable energy from the sun.

Power your lifestyle with a solar pool heating system and clean energy from the sun as your power source. Contact us by phone or email.  

Additional Solar Plus Information

  • Solar energy solutions since 2004
  • Over 1.5 million watts of solar power systems installed
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers
  • 100% focused on customer satisfaction
  • Licensed California C46 Solar Contractor (#876028)
  • $2,000,000 of liability insurance
  • Top rating from Better Business Bureau
  • References available in your area upon request

Contact Solar Plus

Head Quarters:
2067 Wineridge Pl. Ste C.
Escondido Ca 92029

License Number: 876028

 Phone: 1.760.975.0111
Fax: 1.760.975.0112
Toll free: 1.888.844.SOLAR (7652)


Solar Plus is located in Escondido and serves the commercial and residential solar energy design & installation needs of all southern California residents, including local residential solar panel installation needs: Escondido solar energy panels, Rancho Bernardo solar energy panels, Poway solar energy panels, Rancho Santa Fe solar energy panels, Carlsbad solar energy panels, Fallbrook solar energy panels, Ramona solar energy panels, San Diego County solar energy panels, San Diego North County solar energy panels, Riverside County solar energy panels, and Orange County solar energy panels.

As a Southern California, San Diego North County Solar Energy Systems Design & Installation Company, Solar Plus of Escondido delivers Best of Class installation of Custom Solar Energy Systems, Residential Solar Power Solar Electric, Residential Solar Hot Water Systems, Solar Pool Heating Installation to the following areas: Escondido Solar Energy Systems Design Installation, Ramona Solar Energy Systems Design Installation, Temecula Solar Energy Systems Design Installation, Rancho Bernardo Solar Energy Systems Design Installation, Poway Solar Energy Systems Design Installation, Carlsbad Solar Energy Systems Design Installation and southern California.

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