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SunRun Solar Financing

Get home solar power service for as low as $0 down with SunRun. Simply pay a low monthly bill for your home solar electricity.SunRun lets you go solar for as low as $0 and takes complete care of your system. With over 10,000 customers, SunRun is the nation’s leading home solar company and partners with only the best local solar installers.

Best Solar Financing

SunRun home solar financing lets you go solar for as little as no cost, and offers immediate savings. Get financial payback right away.  Learn why SunRun has the best solar financing. 

Leading Home Solar Care

SunRun owns and maintains thousands of home solar power systems across the country, more than any other company.  Learn why SunRun is the nation's leading home solar company. 

Best Solar Installation

Your home solar installation is guaranteed by a SunRun certified local solar installer. Learn why SunRun has the best solar installation.

SunRun takes on all the responsibilities of owning solar panels. We get paid only when your solar panels produce electricity. This means that it’s our responsibility to make sure your home solar system is working correctly. You never need to worry if your panels are producing solar power because with SunRun, it is guaranteed.

Purchasing a home solar system requires an upfront payment of up to $45,000. With SunRun home solar financing, you get solar panels installed for as low as $0 down and pay monthly for your home solar just like you pay your utility today. Most homeowners save up to 15% immediately on their electric bills.  These savings grow each year -  as your utility rates increase your SunRun rates will stay low.

SunRun pioneered affordable home solar financing, and we’re the best at it.

Home Solar Power Service for as low as $0 Upfront

How is SunRun able to lower your solar cost to as low as $0 upfront and offer immediate savings?  SunRun reduces the cost of solar by the full value of your solar rebates and tax credits right when you sign your agreement. You don't have to wait over a year to file time consuming paperwork or find out whether you are eligible for the full federal tax credit, which refunds 30% of the cost of home solar.

Because SunRun purchases hundreds of millions of dollars worth of solar systems, we can get you a better price on your home solar system than you can negotiate yourself.

Save money

With SunRun solar power service, you’ll lock in the rates you’re paying for electricity. You'll know exactly what you’ll be paying for home solar for the next 20 years. As your utility rates increase, your SunRun bill will remain low, and your savings will add up. Your initial savings will depend on how much electricity you use and the rates you pay for electricity right now. Most likely you’ll save up to 15% today, and a lot more over time. The average SunRun customer* saves $23,000 over the lifetime of his or her system.

Quick payback

SunRun home solar pays off even if you’re not sure when you’ll sell your home. You will get financial payback on your home solar investment immediately or within a few years. This means you’ll still see a financial benefit with SunRun even if you decide to move. In addition, SunRun residential solar financing is easy to transfer to the next buyer of your home. The new owner will get the same low electricity rate as you’ve been paying -- an added advantage when you sell your home.

SunRun’s solar financing keeps the cost of solar down, making home solar a realistic option for every homeowner.

*Average Total Solar - Low Upfront customer.

SunRun Total Solar is the simplest and most affordable way to get home solar power.

Get started for as low as $0

Switch to solar power for little or no cost and pay monthly for your solar electricity, or prepay for your electricity in advance.

Start saving now

Lock in today's electricity rates for the next 20 years and save up to 15% immediately.

Enjoy full service and maintenance

SunRun takes care of everything, including installation, maintenance, and monitoring, so you don't have to worry.

SunRun Total Solar offers:

  • Two ways to pay: Total Solar - Low Upfront and Total Solar - Prepaid
  • Full value of the federal tax credit – no waiting!
  • Solar monitoring and performance guarantee
  • Solar insurance fully included
  • Solar maintenance and repair fully included

SunRun Solar Installers

Each SunRun home solar installation is designed and installed by a SunRun certified solar installer.SunRun partners with a select number of top solar installers across the nation. SunRun certified solar installers are the best at home solar power system design, engineering, construction, and local permitting.  In addition, SunRun will oversee your home solar installation to doubly ensure a good experience.

Each SunRun certified solar installer has a proven track record of high quality solar installations and a large number of customers happy with their workmanship. Each of our partners has been installing home solar in their local community for years. Their expert local knowledge means you’ll have the smoothest solar installation possible, from initial design to city and utility permitting.

SunRun will arrange all home solar appointments with our certified installers for you.

Arizona Solar Installations

  • American Solar Electric
  • REC Solar

Massachusetts Solar Installations

  • Alteris Renewables

California Solar Installations

  • Acro Energy
  • Heliopower
  • PetersenDean Roofing & Solar
  • Real Goods Solar
  • REC Solar
  • Sullivan Solar Power
  • Sun Chariot Solar
  • Sunwize Solar
  • Verengo Solar Plus

New Jersey Solar Installations

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  • Mercury Solar Systems
  • REC Solar
  • Trinity Solar

Pennsylvania Solar Installations

  • Alteris Renewables
  • Greenspring Energy
  • Mercury Solar Systems
  • Trinity Solar

Colorado Solar Installations

  • Namaste Solar
  • Real Goods Solar
  • REC Solar

Hawaii Solar Installations

  • RevoluSun
  • Sunetric

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